[vodpod id=Video.15800118&w=500&h=450&fv=affiliateSiteId%3D176704%26widgetId%3D503442%26width%3D628%26height%3D386%26playOnLoad%3D0%26js%3D1%26autoPlay%3D0%26revision%3D80%26mediaURL%3Dhttp%253A%252F%252Fwww.bet.com%252Fvideo%252F106andpark%252Ffollowfriday%252Ftorae%252Ftorae-follow-friday-hip-hop-106-and-park%252F_jcr_content%252Fleftcol%252Fvideoplayer.mrss%253Ftype%253Dembed%26allowFullScreen%3Dtrue%26] Shouts to BET Digital for having Torae on Follow Friday & Community 54 for letting us use their spot. Salute Team Torae, Santiago & Killa Cam.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6IQPFanxCGY&w=480&h=390] Science Projects profiles the prolific career of NYC photographer Robert Adam Mayer (Photo Rob) and his work documenting the New York hip hop scene. Featuring 9th Wonder, Buckshot, Homeboy Sandman, DJ Eclipse, Fresh Daily, Von Pea, Peter Agoston, Wes Jackson & yours truly.

Today would’ve marked the homies 39th birthday had some coward ass not assassinated him in Vegas back in 1996. There’s been plenty debates about Tupac’s lyrics, lifestyle and legacy, but what you can’t debate was his heart. He was passionate about his beliefs right or wrong & he used his voice to say “something”. I’m […]