We’re running a contest with the good folks at KevinNottingham.com & my brothers from Flüd Watches. All you have to do is follow @Torae @TeamTorae & @KNDotcom on twitter & send us your favorite line from For The Record be sure to include the hashtag #ForTheRecord & you could walk away with signed copies of […]

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d0ItspWFqgA&w=560&h=349] Here’s the on air interview I did with The Ear Peace (Natalio Tabaco & Linda Lights) last week at PNC Radio, shouts to SupaLaura, the homie A King and Damien Lemon. Funny, funny stuff. The Ear Peace airs Every Thursdays on pncradio.fm More videos on vimeo.com/supalaura. Hit the jump for my one on one […]

I wanna thank everyone that came out to the “Heart Failure” release party last week. It’s always a humbling experience when I see the people that actually support my movement. I don’t wanna name names but I had some really amazing people come out last Thursday. THANK YOU ALL. Shouts to all the sponsors of […]

Behind every great photo is a great photo shoot, well maybe not always but this one was pretty good. Shouts to the homie Photo Rob & the young lady in the pictures. Hell I’ll even be nice & add a stream of the song playing in the clip. “Let It Go” produced by Khrysis & […]

On Feb 14th me & the homie DJ Blazita in association with Honey Mag & Flud Watches are dropping a little something for Valentine’s Day. Heart Failure is a 10 song project with a relationship theme. It covers everything from meeting, to dating, to sexing & breaking up. It’s pretty much what happens between Tribe’s […]