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September 30, 2012by Team Torae0

Another day, another banger from Torae. Team Torae is totally loving these drops everyday. This one comes courtesy of a 9th Wonder instrumental & Tor goes IN!! Lyrics after the jump #DailyBread

The reason why the listeners loving every line I spill
Is they can listen to the lyrics every line is real
Every statement every sentence I been signed and sealed is 1 hunnid
They asked for the truth then don’t want it
Well the truth is none of your vehicles is roofless
And having an imaginary burner won’t do shit
Quoted from the great Skyzoo
So if you loving Torae you ah love him too
We the most understated in the city of the greatest
Over qualified for this underground where you placed us
We watched niggas get in our lane and get famous
While we doing what they doing even better shit is haneous
And I ain’t no hater the facts is the facts
I been doing my numbers the stats is the stats
From the source XXL to MTV Made
BET Sucker free Style I’m doing my thing
Did a record out in Poland got a plaque in my name
Then I got on Modern Warfare & did it again
Did a couple video games & corporate events
I ain’t talking out the ass when I’m talking my shit
Since you love niggas in Paris check out the flicks
When I rocked In that bitch 2006
Or maybe it was 2008 following year did it again
And this year we was in Rennes
Man I even shot a video out in Bangkok, Bangkok?
Passport more tatted than Pac
So I gotta keep it pushing no way I’m a stop
Finally made it to the stairs on my way to the top
I ain’t waiting to cop, I ain’t standing in line
They send Jordan’s to the crib a few pair at a time
I ain’t stunting I ain’t fronting or embellish a line
I’m just telling you the shit on my mind


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