DocumentaryNBAESPN’s 30 for 30 – Fab 5

March 14, 2011by Team Torae0

Man my timeline was going crazy on Sunday night when this aired. I was up at Sirius for RIOC so I couldn’t see it live. Fortunately for me Yardie aka Rip Game Proper got the links popping. Yo real talk watching a doc on a moment I lived through is wild. The C Webb Michigan 4 was the first basketball jersey I ever bought. The huarache’s, the black nike socks…wow what a time!! I remember watching the Final Four game live with Peter, Angel and the rest of my friends at my crib. I remember that time out like it was yesterday. This was really an amazing documentary. I only wish Chris would’ve participated in it. Either way you should check it out. I can’t embed these but the links to view are HERE.

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